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How To Easily Hide iOS 9 Default Applications

Today many users of iOS devices has been update to version 9 or iOS 9. Some users feel comfortable with this latest version of iOS, but you know one thing that may not be aware, that iOS 9 comes with some default application (default), moderate to now there is no way that can be done to remove the app - this app.

Actually, last September, Apple CEO said that if Apple will fix their systems so iOS users can delete some applications such congenital. But it seems in the latest update, not all of these applications is lost. This is because some of the default application is deemed critical to the performance of the system (iOS).

But a video that we found could be a solution if you do not want the application - the application. However we explain this is not a way to remove (uninstall) the application from your iOS device but just be hiding it and did not seem in sight.

Curious as to what steps - steps? You can read more iOS Manual here

iPhone 2017 -  iPhone 8

The chipmaker TSMC, which makes the current A9 and A9X processors (which carries the iPhone 6s) has announced that it may be making processors 7nm series for 2018. They could have a production test for the first half of the year it comes, and have mass production ready for the launch of the iPhone 8 will use the A12 processor.