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Iphone 7 Manual

iPhone comes with the latest iOS version that is the iOS 9.0.1. However, there are still many users who use their iOS 8 version. Here, we are not going to talk about the iOS update but this will be about the iPhone manual aperture feature inside the camera. Supported with the iOS inside, iPhone with iOS 8 version gets some camera features that can be used while we want to take a picture. Speaking of the aperture, this is about the size of the lens opening in order to determine how much light that reaches the sensor. More, setting the camera feature will be not only about the aperture but also shutter speed, ISO and so on. Setting the camera feature, actually for those people who don’t need a detail photo result, we can use the auto feature where all the balance of color and ISO or anything is being set in automatic program. But, in order to have the best result, we need to get the iPhone manual aperture. There will be the ISO for setting the brightness of the light and also the shutter speed in case of shutting the picture in some frames for a second. For your information, in case of having longer shutter speed, we will get brighter result of the photo and the higher the ISO is, the photo will be brighter too. Besides of having the iPhone manual aperture, we are available to set the manual exposure. Just like the other camera of the smart phones, we can get some manual exposures like black and white, low light and so on. More, in getting the focus in detail picture, we can also make the camera set with manual focus that is featured in iPhone device which has iOS 8-version too. It is better to know the photography knowledge in setting the manual. Via iPhone 7 Manual